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This is our signature  body transformation package. No shortcuts, no fads just hard work. 6 Weeks, 18 Individual PT Sessions tailored towards your goals by our certified FUEL trainers.


This programme is designed for you to prioritise you!


We will challenge you, push you, guide you and support you through an intense 6 weeks where you can focus on you, your body and your fitness levels. No one can do it for you so when your ready to to take on the challenge we are ready to support you reaching your goals. 

This 6 week programme is intense, focused and disciplined but the most rewarding programme we have at Fuel Training.


Are you ready to work to a better you?!

Project You Is FOR PEOPLE WHO:

  • Are in pretty good shape, but have the desire to get stronger, fitter, loose weight &  get leaner

  • Know the importance of mobility and body functionality and would like to improve upon their own 

  • Appreciate being held accountable by a coach

  • No longer wish to waste time hopping from program to program

  • Enjoy training, but may have hit a plateau

  • Are knowledgeable about training, but don't have the desire or time to create a program.


Success Comes to Those Who Sweat

We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you, by equipping you with the essential tools needed to reach your goals. With the help of your dedication, this program will help you make the transformation that you've always wanted & invest in your most value asset YOU!

We challenge assumptions that say you must have perfect genetics to look like a world-class athlete.

We confront stereotypes – and we prove them wrong with programs that transform people of all levels into the best version of themselves.