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We believe life is about balance, 90% of our clients train for health, well being and compositional goals. Training as an athlete and competing requires eating many foods you perhaps don’t enjoy and food becomes more about getting enough calories in to sustain performing at a high level.

If you never track your calories, and you don’t know your TDEE you remain unaware of whether you are in;

a) in a deficit

b) whether you are consuming enough protein to hold onto the lean muscle you work hard for or whether you are simply only ever consuming adequate calories to maintain where you are, or as often the case you are in a small surplus that over time leads to weight gain. 

Track your calories, then you know how many calories you can consume without gaining more weight and in fact start to lose weight

Track your protein, hold on to that lean muscle. 

Last point-If you want a treat whatever it might be - a pudding once a week, a glass of wine, that’s fine. Your calories are ultimately flexible. If you have 1600 kcal for the day and your intending to have a glass of wine for the evening, work out how many calories you need to save for your glass of wine and make it fit. One less snack perhaps!

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