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We get asked this question a lot as personal trainers. There is a vast variety of supplements on sale in health shops and sometimes it can be confusing to know what you should be taking and what will benefit you compared to what really isn’t necessary.

The first thing to consider is that with the perfect diet you wouldn’t really need supplements. Supplements are individual, no two diets are the same and therefore what you need compared to what someone else needs could be very different. If there are things lacking in your diet consistently or for your training goal you need the aid of additional sources then this is the time to consider supplements. 

If you don’t consistently get the amount you need you can supplement it. For example if you don’t hit your protein target you may consider using whey protein powder, if you don’t consume enough oily fish per week you may wish to supplement with Omega3 and if you are a heavy sweater and find yourself dehydrated you could supplement with electrolytes. Many people choose to take a multi vitamin for a boost and vitamin D being our highest vitamin deficiency is also a popular choice. 

There are so many to choose from, try to find what works for you and not necessarily what works for someone else. We are always happy to advise on supplements and through our days as professional athletes where the demand on our bodies was higher we have used many types, some we liked and choose to continue using and some we didn’t feel aided us so choose to go without. 

A lot of it comes down to personal preference combined with your current diet and the demands on your body and time. Always try to obtain the amounts of macro and micro nutrients you need from your diet and real food sources first. If you know you can’t consistently consume enough of something try supplementing for 6-8 weeks and asses how and if it helped you. 

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