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What Diet is BEST?

As personal trainers we get asked so many questions about dieting and particularly about what diets are best for weight loss. Around 60% of the current UK adult population is overweight. This has led to a surge in popularity of dieting methods. There are so many out there to choose from sometimes it’s difficult to know what is the best method for you. 

Firstly you need to know the underlying principle of weight loss. This comes down to consuming less energy than you are expending on a day to day basis over a duration of time. Simply put you need to move more and eat less.

This creates a calorie deficit and will ultimately result in your body using other sources for energy than calories being consumed, e.g.stored body fat.

Whether you choose to follow Intermittent Fasting, 5:2, Keto, Low Carb, Dr Moses 800 or If it fits your macros to name just a handful of the current popular diets posted about on social media ultimately they are all ways of creating a calorie deficit. 

If one particularly suits your lifestyle then go with it, if it works for you then use it. But be warned without a calorie deficit you will not lose body fat. Your body cannot defy the basics of thermodynamics. There is no such thing as starvation mode and you cannot gain weight from under eating, this is simply not true. 

We believe in tracking your calories, a lot of people do not realise how many calories they have been consuming and tracking them really can raise your awareness at how easy it is to consume 500 calories without a second thought but how much bloody hard work it takes to burn it! 

Also, everyone is different and their perceptions of their own intake vs output is different as well as the caloric amounts they need to lose weight. 

If you want any help with dieting and you are struggling with getting started or the adherence please drop us a line as we are happy to help you get started and assist you on your journey. Seeing substantial changes in the body composition and fitness of our clients is one of the most rewarding parts of our job, so do not hesitate to ask for help and do not put it off until tomorrow.

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