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Knowing your goal and prioritising it!

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

“INTENT reveals desire; ACTION reveals commitment” -Steve Maraboli,

It’s important to have training and body composition goals. They can help with motivation, effort, drive, adherence and fulfilment.

Whatever your goal is you need to make sure it’s your priority and commit to it. Avoid having too many goals at once. You will find you have far more success in achieving your goal if its a clear target and you aren’t wanting too many things to happen at once. If your goal is weight loss or a reduction in body fat make sure that’s the goal you are focusing on and your nutrition and training are aligned to make it achievable.

Too often we see people wanting to lose weight, get fitter and build muscle all at the same time. Its hard work to accomplish one let alone multiple goals at once, they require very different nutrition strategies, different training focus and different prioritisation from you. 

Pick your goal by what’s most important for you. Share it with us to make you accountable and make sure your training and diet is aligned with achieving your goal. Whether it be a performance goal e.g run a marathon, a composition goal e.g drop 10kg of fat or a fitness related goal e.g Increased my lower body strength make sure you know what you are aiming for. Then we can help you create a plan to achieve it! 

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