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How Do I get STRONGER?

“Don’t have £1000 shoes and a 10p Squat.” – Louie Simmons

Firstly we need to remind ourselves that strength takes time to develop. Probably the most time for the elements of fitness. You need to be patient! If increasing your strength is your main goal there are key things to prioritise;

Your form needs to be perfect, the load (resistance) you are using needs to challenge you without compromising your form and you need to be willing to work to the point of failure on sets.

Make sure you have balanced strength across your body with your arms, legs and core all gaining strength and also left to right as imbalances can lead to injury. Keep your movement selection simple and choose compound movements when you can that work a large group of muscles at once. Squat, hinge, lunge, press and pull, these make up the foundations of what we do and ultimately transfer into our sports and athletic performance as well as being fitter for every day life.

Also make use of isometric exercises (static) and increasing the time under tension of a lift.

For progressions there are many options, increase the reps, increase the sets, increase the weight. Just re iterate make sure you progress without compromising form as increased load and poor form increase risk of injury. It’s also important to warm the muscle group that’s going to be trained thoroughly, prime it for what’s to come!

Strength work taxes the central nervous system so don’t expect to lift at your best tired and not recovered from the previous days training. Use rest days when appropriate. The appropriate supplements for increasing strength would be creatine and protein.

Any advice or questions feel free to email us :)

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