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Do you know the difference between your deadlift and your squat?

The Squat and the Deadlift are two major lower body movements used in training to develop leg strength with key differences.


Sometimes the movements can be confused and it’s important to understand the reason behind the differences in the movements to ensure you know when you a performing them correctly and the outcome you are looking for.


Squats primarily train the quads and involve bending at the knees lowering the butt to the floor. Your feet should remain flat on the floor, with your chest remaining upright. You want to avoid your upper back rounding as this will cause your chest to drop forward. Your heels should also stay in contact with the floor and your knees tracking your feet. As you ascend from the lowest point you can maintain form you drive down with your quads and come into full extension squeezing the glutes at the top. The squat can be bodyweight or loaded in many ways, some of the most popular being back squat, front squat and over head squat. 


The deadlift is not a squat movement, it’s a hip hinge. The deadlift primarily loads the posterior chain. Far less knee bend (flexion), you lower the chest keeping the back flat by hinging at the hip and putting tension on you hamstrings. Again the deadlift can be loaded in several ways some of the popular ones being barbell, straight leg (Romanian), Single leg and good mornings.

Try to really increase your awareness of the differences in how theses two movements feel for the body and especially notice the difference in the degree of knee flexion used for both.

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